Juice me is a novel, portable juicer which was created in response to the brief to redesign the food processor. The aim of this project was to look at the language of form and it’s uses in interaction. The form of objects is often decided by fashion, cost, house styles etc. with little thought given to how that form effects the ease and pleasure of use. With considered use of form and metaphor in design we can create products whose use is more intuitive.

In response to this brief one of our initial ideas was to use the interaction of two bodies to squeeze fruit and make juice.

Juice me consists of a re-engineered bubble wrap interface, a rear pocket or “catchment area” which covers the entire surface of the form and a resealable tab. The bubbles of juice me are filled with the flesh of citrus fruits – peeled of all membrane but intact. When the wearer is ready for their juice they simply squish the bubbles and the juice passes through a membrane into the rear “catchment area” ready to be accessed via the tab at the base. Juice me also features a unique adhesive surface which can be attached and reattached to most materials – clothing, kids’ school bags, leather handbags, fridges, cupboards, filing cabinets, etc. Prior to use Juice me can be stored in the fridge or freezer.

Juice me gets rid of bulky bottles and makes drinking juice fun. To access your juice you simply hug a friend, pop the bubbles, tear off the tab and drink your delicious, freshly squeezed juice.