PKI is an ongoing project that aims to challenge and enrich the constrained norm of body-typical to include hypermobility, physical disability, and the evolving abilities of the mature or ageing body. The project interweaves embodied creativity, choreography, motion capture, structured textile research, material and spatial explorations, garment and object construction, myotherapy and public engagement in an emergent co-design process, as it seeks to understand:

  • how to give people the feeling of being in someone else’s body, someone with different abilities and constraints
  • how designers might effectively prototype advanced material interactions, where the characteristics of the materials in question might not yet be concretised
  • how designers and scientists might effectively cross-fertilise research-in-process with public opinions around the social, ethical, personal, political and cultural implications of what life would be like if yet-to-be-concretised technologies were readily available, and part of people’s lives

So far, PKI has resulted in three groups of wearable and graspable speculative design probes that twist and weave together our research concerns. Screen Shot 2015-02-21 at 22.44.33

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