I’m an Associate Professor of Design Research at the University of Southern Denmark, Kolding. My research is focused on embodied interaction, next generation wearables, post-disciplinary and disruptive research strategies, and the convergence of craft, design and science. I’m also involved in the development of a new Masters course on Embodied Design, and I set up and lead research in the Body and Materials lab at Pakhuset

I hold a practice-based PhD from Monash University, Melbourne (Art, Design and Architecture) and CSIRO – Australia’s Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (Materials Science and Engineering). I also hold an MA (Interaction Design) from the Royal College of Art, London, and have extensive training and experience in physical theatre and circus, as well as clothing and object construction and design, all of which inform my research activities.

research concerns

My work spans material, technology and design innovation; poetics, performativity, participation and play; fashion, wearables and body-based technologies; health, wellness, ability and creativity; and design thinking. Key concerns include:

  • enchantment and ambiguity as resources for design
  • encouraging magical thinking and making strange
  • physical, gestural and sensorial extension
  • co-creation and collaborative imagining
  • emergent performativity
  • convergence
  • poetics and
  • play

Broad aims:

To prompt a reappraisal of the body and embodied relationships to material, technological and biological innovation in socially and ecologically evolving landscapes. In particular, my research aims are to understand:

  • how one might incite people to move and extend themselves physically and imaginatively, using all of their senses and abilities
  • the value of divergent thinking, abilities, bodies and expression
  • the idiosyncratic nature of relationships to bodies, materials and technologies
  • the importance of considering personal, social, political, ethical and ecological concerns, from a wide range of perspectives
  • the roles that art, design and performance might play when engaging with material, technological and biological innovation
  • how design might evolve in the 21st Century and beyond

recent activities:

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I’ve been based in Kolding since December 1, 2014. In December I came for three weeks, then in January relocated here permanently. As I write this, every precious material object I have collected in my life sits in a freight container somewhere between Melbourne, Australia and Kolding, Denmark. In the cull I donated all my electronics to Media Lab Melbourne, my circus equipment via Anni Davey of Circus Oz to Sosina Wogayehu’s GAMO Circus School of Ethiopia, and all of my Japanese fabrics and sewing bits and pieces to the fabulous Tania Spława-Neyman, to glean or give away. Now I am learning a new language, a new culture and forming new communities. It’s great.

Before relocating I rode 26,000km in 83 days – mostly solo – around and up the centre of Australia on my BMW G650GS motorbike. I finished the trip having had my bike and my licence for less than a year. It was monumental. The blog of the trip is here: grrrrty.wordpress.com The pink lines on the map below show my journey. I hope everyone can do something like this at least once in their life: