[body|bio] SOFT Lab

supporting critical participatory design research in food and climate futures and social and ecological sustainability View

Food for Thought —

using food, biology, and culture as design material, to explore more nourishing more-than-human interactions. View

ReThinking Food i Danmark —

Engagerer borgerne til at identificere veje til forandring. et to-måneders borgervidenskabeligt projekt for at genoverveje vores fremtidige mad. tilmeld dig nu! View

ReThinking Food in Denmark —

a 3-course inquiry into bottom-up food system transformation View

Your DIY Guide to Bioplastics —

A DIY guide for at home fabrication of bioplastics: a design artefact, project report, invitation and call to arms. View

TCBL BioShades —

Could bacteria dyeing be a valid alternative to chemical dyes? A distributed event by WAAG TextileLab View

Embodied Futures —

converging design and science, with people's dreams and desires View

FOOD+[material practices] —

Bringing together key actors in biomedia from the Nordic and Baltic regions, Germany and Switzerland View

Quietude —

fashionable accessories for aesthetically enriched futures for deaf women View

BHA4: Biohacking School Science —

a 7-week modified biohack academy for 100 Year 8 students from Bramdrupskole & Brændkjærskole, Kolding View

BHA3: Biohacking Design Practice —

a 10-week biohack academy run in association with Waag Society, NL, with and for professional artists, designers, engineers, biotechnologists and graduate students View

biohack*kolding —

biohacking the personal, social and political in Kolding, Denmark View

Kolding BioHack Academy —

doing-it-together: 2016, with Waag Society, Amsterdam; 2017 with two local high schools View


giving people the feeling of being in someone else’s body, someone with different physical abilities and constraints.. View

PKI Phase I Probes —

Speculative design probes that give permission to make suggestions and trigger the imaginings of possibilities. View

PKI Lab in the Wild —

Engaging with the ethical, social, personal, political and cultural implications of the PKI project – as it unfolds View

Fashioning Science —

Article and video discussing fashion–science convergence, commissioned for Virgin Australia Melbourne International Fashion Festival View

Swing That Thing: moving to move —

The poetics of embodied engagement. View

The OWL Project —

Imagining yet-to-be-imagined technologies View

The OWL Circles —

Imagining yet-to-be-imagined technologies View

The OWL Interviews —

Imagining yet-to-be-imagined technologies. View

Light Arrays I —

A suite of laser and interactive light costumes and performances. View

Light Arrays II —

The Invisible Skirt and Other Imaginary Things. View

hipDrawing —

A human hip-controlled Etch-A-Sketch system for performance and play. View

Gesture Sound Experiments —


hipDisk —

Augmenting the moving body with sound. View

The Hipdiskettes —

A performance ensemble? View

vibroBod —


Technical Support —

I get a lot of technical support from people like this. View

Embodying Interaction —

Body, worn, awkward, laughter. MA(RCA) Interaction Design View

Ange —

A musical interface. An 18th century medical engraving. Women’s corsetry throughout the ages. A woman whose back has been flayed, exposing the musculature and bone structure and creating the suggestion of wings. View

Dress —

Human contact is so often neglected. Reawakens yourawareness with a shop that sells the possibility to touch human skin, in acontext where it can’t be misunderstood or misconstrued. View

Wings —

a training program that provides psychological and physical preparation for successful integration of surgically implanted human wings. View

Compendium —

Interactive installation View

The Periscope —

The periscope is a stand-alone device that allowschildren access to information about a woodland setting not typically availablein a single science field trip. View

Juice Me —

Body-juicer, the ultimate juicy experience View

hipclock —

How and why do we use clocks and other time measuring devices? What do they mean to people? hip clock proposes a new way of experiencing time. View

Memory Phone —

memoryphone® givesyour existing mobile phone added functionality, by using microwave radiation toeliminate or put off until later annoying, unsavory, painful or unwantedmemories that interfere with your ability to have a normal functioning life. View

The Talking Tie —

Talking Tie was developed for The Illusion Brothers – Dominic Burdess and Tom Godwin – as a wearable device to enhance the theatrical potential of their work. View

Highbury Sounds —

highbury sounds is an interactive installation designed to give peoplethe experience of finding space within the noise of the city, in HighburyIslington: a single grid square of the London map. View

Sympathetic Ear —

Sometimes you need to articulate your thoughts and ideas to gain clarity or objectivity. The Sympathetic Ear lets you do so with complete confidence. View

OT Probes —

Gleaning illicit inspirational reflections on life, work and the guiding beliefs of two groups of occupational therapy students: in London and Barcelona. View

AbacusParts —

introducing digital space into the performative environment. NYC 1997-2000 View

Scanning —

A video capture device was used to trigger the unfolding of temporal composites of a performer's presence in space. View

Reflections on the Body —

A single reel of 16mm film – showing a highway shotthrough the front window of a car – is threaded through three projectors. Infront of each sits a performer, whose body serves as a dynamic, shifting screen. View

Overhead Experiments —

is an iterative dance duet in which a dancer subduesand coerces her partner as a means towards her own aesthetic end View

Train Story —

A moving experience on the NYC subway D train, while traveling from Manhattan to Brooklyn. View

Flies —

Within this bubble world of complete interdependencyeach component attributes meaning to the other, and each is groundless withoutthe other. View

FaceClamps —

Experiments with worn structures which measure the opening and closing of the mouth. View

Boxes —

Fragments of identity embodied in language. Fragments oflanguage embodied in boxes. View

Draedel Girl —

a character whose language and vocabulary was based uponlingo syntax gradually reveals herself to our scrutiny. View

Forgetting —

dynamically focused video complements and enriches the narrative of a woman suffering deterioration of memory andidentity due to alzheimer's. View

Boy On Rope —

shot with a purpose-built underwater miniature video camera, presented on a custom drop-down screen View

Swimming —

performers hold their breath and navigate an underwater world. View

Undressing —

to the sound of a diminishing loop of the voices of three people with alzheimer's reveal what it means to them to lose their memory. View

Scanning & Draedel Girl —

From the performance Counting Laps. View

Counting Laps —

A performance that explores how we perceive ourselves, how others perceiveus and how all these things, 
interwoven with our memories can enhance orinvalidate our sense of who we are. View