TCBL BioShades

Could bacteria dyeing be a valid alternative to chemical dyes? A distributed event by WAAG TextileLab View

Embodied Futures —

converging design and science, with people's dreams and desires View

FOOD+[material practices]

Bringing together key actors in biomedia from the Nordic and Baltic regions, Germany and Switzerland View

Food for Thought

using food, biology, and culture as design material, to explore more nourishing material interactions. View


fashionable accessories for aesthetically enriched futures for deaf women View

BHA4: Biohacking School Science

a 7-week modified biohack academy for 100 Year 8 students from Bramdrupskole & Brændkjærskole, Kolding View

BHA3: Biohacking Design Practice

a 10-week biohack academy run in association with Waag Society, NL, with and for professional artists, designers, engineers, biotechnologists and graduate students View


biohacking the personal, social and political in Kolding, Denmark View

Kolding BioHack Academy

doing-it-together: 2016, with Waag Society, Amsterdam; 2017 with two local high schools View


giving people the feeling of being in someone else’s body, someone with different physical abilities and constraints.. View

PKI Phase I Probes —

Speculative design probes that give permission to make suggestions and trigger the imaginings of possibilities. View

PKI Lab in the Wild —

Engaging with the ethical, social, personal, political and cultural implications of the PKI project – as it unfolds View

Fashioning Science —

Article and video discussing fashion–science convergence, commissioned for Virgin Australia Melbourne International Fashion Festival View

Swing That Thing: moving to move —

The poetics of embodied engagement. View

The OWL Project —

Imagining yet-to-be-imagined technologies View

The OWL Circles —

Imagining yet-to-be-imagined technologies View

The OWL Interviews —

Imagining yet-to-be-imagined technologies. View

Light Arrays I —

A suite of laser and interactive light costumes and performances. View

Light Arrays II —

The Invisible Skirt and Other Imaginary Things. View

hipDrawing —

A human hip-controlled Etch-A-Sketch system for performance and play. View

Gesture Sound Experiments —


hipDisk —

Augmenting the moving body with sound. View

The Hipdiskettes —

A performance ensemble? View

vibroBod —


Technical Support —

I get a lot of technical support from people like this. View

Embodying Interaction —

Body, worn, awkward, laughter. MA(RCA) Interaction Design View

Ange —

A musical interface. An 18th century medical engraving. Women’s corsetry throughout the ages. A woman whose back has been flayed, exposing the musculature and bone structure and creating the suggestion of wings. View

Dress —

Human contact is so often neglected. Reawakens yourawareness with a shop that sells the possibility to touch human skin, in acontext where it can’t be misunderstood or misconstrued. View

Wings —

a training program that provides psychological and physical preparation for successful integration of surgically implanted human wings. View

Compendium —

Interactive installation View

The Periscope —

The periscope is a stand-alone device that allowschildren access to information about a woodland setting not typically availablein a single science field trip. View

Juice Me —

Body-juicer, the ultimate juicy experience View

hipclock —

How and why do we use clocks and other time measuring devices? What do they mean to people? hip clock proposes a new way of experiencing time. View

Memory Phone —

memoryphone® givesyour existing mobile phone added functionality, by using microwave radiation toeliminate or put off until later annoying, unsavory, painful or unwantedmemories that interfere with your ability to have a normal functioning life. View

The Talking Tie —

Talking Tie was developed for The Illusion Brothers – Dominic Burdess and Tom Godwin – as a wearable device to enhance the theatrical potential of their work. View

Highbury Sounds —

highbury sounds is an interactive installation designed to give peoplethe experience of finding space within the noise of the city, in HighburyIslington: a single grid square of the London map. View

Sympathetic Ear —

Sometimes you need to articulate your thoughts and ideas to gain clarity or objectivity. The Sympathetic Ear lets you do so with complete confidence. View

OT Probes —

Gleaning illicit inspirational reflections on life, work and the guiding beliefs of two groups of occupational therapy students: in London and Barcelona. View

AbacusParts —

introducing digital space into the performative environment. NYC 1997-2000 View

Scanning —

A video capture device was used to trigger the unfolding of temporal composites of a performer's presence in space. View

Reflections on the Body —

A single reel of 16mm film – showing a highway shotthrough the front window of a car – is threaded through three projectors. Infront of each sits a performer, whose body serves as a dynamic, shifting screen. View

Overhead Experiments —

is an iterative dance duet in which a dancer subduesand coerces her partner as a means towards her own aesthetic end View

Train Story —

A moving experience on the NYC subway D train, while traveling from Manhattan to Brooklyn. View

Flies —

Within this bubble world of complete interdependencyeach component attributes meaning to the other, and each is groundless withoutthe other. View

FaceClamps —

Experiments with worn structures which measure the opening and closing of the mouth. View

Boxes —

Fragments of identity embodied in language. Fragments oflanguage embodied in boxes. View

Draedel Girl —

a character whose language and vocabulary was based uponlingo syntax gradually reveals herself to our scrutiny. View

Forgetting —

dynamically focused video complements and enriches the narrative of a woman suffering deterioration of memory andidentity due to alzheimer's. View

Boy On Rope —

shot with a purpose-built underwater miniature video camera, presented on a custom drop-down screen View

Swimming —

performers hold their breath and navigate an underwater world. View

Undressing —

to the sound of a diminishing loop of the voices of three people with alzheimer's reveal what it means to them to lose their memory. View

Scanning & Draedel Girl —

From the performance Counting Laps. View

Counting Laps —

A performance that explores how we perceive ourselves, how others perceiveus and how all these things, 
interwoven with our memories can enhance orinvalidate our sense of who we are. View