I get a lot of technical support from people like this:


Mike Borthwick of Michael Borthwick Consulting. Mike can do just about anything with technology, he’s amazing and he willingly sits up late at night sharing his knowledge with people like me.


Barbara Davis of ICCON Technologies. Barbara advises me on how to address major issues associated with embedding sensing technologies in garments, such as maintaining discrete relationships between the sensors and the dynamic, moving body without attaching the sensors directly to the skin; understanding how best to address fit and function issues related to the combination of fabrics and materials that have radically different properties; and fit issues that arise from the need to move or remove structural elements such as seams and darts to place sensing technology appropriately.

The technicians at Nottingham Trent University. Especially Sue Allcock for solving the wheatstone bridge conundrum and Gary Griffiths for building the spineSticks. (everyone at NTU is consistently amazing).


and everyone at CSIRO MSE (TFT) in Belmont. Especially: Brendan D’Arcy and Michael Maestrovic in the electronics lab; Tony Gargett in the workshop; Jane Hair for everything related to sewing conductives; and David Fox for code support/troubleshooting.

Technically gifted people rock!