rinske, gen, sapidah and miyuki investigate the spatial and choreographic potential of the hipDisk

the hipdiskettes

hipDisk was designed to inspire people to swing their hips and explore and extend the full range of movement available to them through a simultaneous, interdependent exploration of sound. In creating hipDisk, the interest was to move beyond limb- and digit-triggered switches and explore full-body movement for actuation. The resulting body-instrument interconnects choreography and composition in a fundamental way.

An ensemble of performers known as the hipdiskettes
are working on a performance of The Girl From Ipanema

As an ensemble they can play chord structures, harmonise,
provide counterpoint, so develop increasingly complex
hipDisk compositions.

sapidah - solo improv



rinske, genevieve and lizzie - learning a tune

danielle. sapidah and rinske


OZCHI Conference Paper

This project has been described in detail in a paper published
at the
2008 Australasian Computer Human Interaction Conference (OZCHI).
The paper,
hipdiskettes : learning (through) wearables can be viewed here.



many thanks to Sapidah Kian, Rinske Ginsberg, Kate Hunter,
Genevieve Messenger, Lizzie Pogson and Miyuki Jokiranta
for their commitment, curiosity, expertise and playfulness.
Their hard work and patience made this research possible.

Thanks also to Monash University Faculty of Art and Design
and the CSIRO Division of Textile and Fibre Technology

rehearsal space has been provided by
Monash University Faculty of Art and Design
The Victorian College of the Arts (Melbourne University) School of Drama
and Tamara Saulwick

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